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Wednesday, December 29, 2010 Mary

The Green Hornet (2010) is a martial arts, superhero, and an action/adventure movie scheduled to be released on January 14, 2011. This film is directed by Michel Gondry, starring Seth Rogen (Britt Reid), Jay Chou (Kato), Cameron Diaz (Lenore), Christoph Waltz (Benjamin Chudnofsky), Edward James Olmos (Mike Axford), David Harbour (D.A. Frank Scanlon), and Tom Wilkinson (James Reid). This movie Britt Reid, the son and heir to Los Angeles' largest newspaper fortune, is a rich, spoiled playboy who has been happy to maintain a direction-less existence. The Green Hornet (2010) will be based upon the character first popularized in a national radio series that ran from 1939-1952. Then it was also adapted in comic books and a 1966 TV series that ran for one season on ABC, starring Van Williams as the Green Hornet and catapulting Bruce Lee, who played Kato, to stardom.


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